Quick Guide: How to Paint BIG

Quick Guide: How to Paint BIG

This week I'm taking a new approach to my blog by changing topics a little. So far my blog posts have covered things like: how to use art when you style your console table; how to make a gallery wall and; how to store your children's artworks. Whilst they have all been art-related, I have come to realise that I have shied away from blogging about my own creative journey as an artist. And so... I have decided to try that out today! Give me a comment below if you've enjoyed this post. I love to hear back from my readers.


"Abundance I" by Ros Gervay, 14.8cm x 21cm mixed media on paper


Lately I have been working on a mini art series for the Artist Support Pledge - an initiative by the UK-based artist Matthew Burrows. It is a fabulous initiative designed to help artists financially during this pandemic. Essentially, COVID19 has resulted in art galleries being temporarily closed and art shows being cancelled, resulting in a huge loss of salary for artists across the world. Matthew Burrows' initiative invites artists to sell a number of their works for under $200 each and when sales reach $2000, the artist then purchases another Artist Support Pledge artwork to keep the money, positive energy and generosity circulating.


"Serendipity" by Ros Gervay, 14.8cm x 14.8cm mixed media on paper


I've really enjoyed creating the pieces for this initiative so far. I have sold 5 out of 5 of these works, each within 24 hours of popping it up online! All colourful originals, I've explored mixed media a little more and toyed with botanical motifs in an abstract way. With all that is going on in our world at the moment, the colour and the natural elements have been an important escape for me so that I can re-energise, revive, reconnect and find some positivity and hope. The mini artworks that I began creating soon found themselves being transferred across onto a larger wooden panel I had laying about in my studio. Measuring 30cm x 45cm, this one again was a joy to paint.


"Destiny" by Ros Gervay, 14.8cm x 14.8cm mixed media on paper


I also had sitting in my studio a huge unresolved canvas on which I'd painted a green leafy background and two large magenta flowers. I knew I loved the colours and the botanical subject matter but I also knew it was far from complete. And, so, right in the middle of my daughters' bedtime routine, I felt this sudden urge to paint a branch onto the huge canvas. And so it began... my colourful mini abstracted botanicals went LARGE!


LIVE online abstract botanical painting (acrylics) class now available!


So, for you today, I have a few tips for moving from small scale artworks to big artworks:

1. Start with the colours you love and start with loose, casual big paint strokes. Say goodbye quickly to the white sometimes-scary canvas. When it comes to acrylics, you can always paint over any "mistakes" so go for it.

2. Break your canvas up into 9 segments - following the rule of thirds - and introduce interesting motifs to one or more of those 4 points where the lines intersect. If you don't know much about the rule of thirds, you can read more here.

3. Paint like a millionaire! I love this tip! I can't remember who said it first but the idea is that you MUST paint like you have all the paint supplies in the world. Masterpieces will not come if you are scrimping on paint.


Watercolour Painting Supplies now available online


Well that's all from me this week! Please let me know if this blog post has been of interest to you. Send me an email. Send me a DM on Instagram. Send me a PM on Facebook. Comment below. I'm all ears!



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