Why I Make Art

Why I Make Art

So, I've been thinking.

I've been thinking about why I make art. I know I do a heck of a lot of artmaking and I know I am wildly passionate about it and all it's benefits but what perplexes me is how innate it feels, how ingrained, and how essential it is to my wellbeing.

And I was wondering why it feels that way.

And if I was the only one that felt that urge. That need.

Then I realised I musn't be alone. No one in this world is truly alone. No one in this world is truly alone in their interests. Whilst, yes, we are all individuals, when it comes to specific traits we are never the only ones who hold them.

I also realised that the peace that I find in artmaking would be beneficial to so many - men, women, young, old, Australian, European. Beneficial to those who already practice art and beneficial also to those who don't. Even to those who have not made art since childhood.

All of these thoughts bring Art Therapy to mind. Art therapy is a wonderful option to help people express themselves and explore the challenges that they have faced. One day I may study art therapy as it intrigues me, but for now I am not an art therapist. I am instead passionate about empowering women in particular. Empowering women to prioritise themselves. To pursue a hobby... a hobby which is good for them - their well being, their self worth. And that of course is artmaking.

Each woman that I entice into artmaking to help them to discover the MASSIVE wellbeing benefits of artmaking, is so incredibly rewarding. And that's because I have been there too.

Specifically, I have experienced the huge change of identity that comes with becoming a mother. I have felt lost. I have felt like a servant. I have felt worthless. Until I realised that I had not made art for too long. I hadn't painted, created, crafted for WAY too long. I needed it. I needed the power of creation. I needed the confidence that arises when you build something beautiful with your very own hands. I needed something to call my own. I didn't need to shout it from the rooftops. I didn't need everyone to know. But I did need to know in myself that I had that power, I had that skill, I had something that was just for me.

Today I want to invite YOU into artmaking so that you can experience these joys. This liberation. This quiet confidence and this smile-inducing hobby or interest or whatever you want to call it.

Head over to this link to discover the three simple steps for getting started with watercolours. I would LOVE to guide you.

With gratitude and love,



P.S. You're awesome!

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