5 Ways To Enhance Your Confidence As An Artist

5 Ways To Enhance Your Confidence As An Artist

Artists do it pretty tough. On one hand, the general public seems to see artists as free-spirited, promiscuous people with their head in the clouds and their hand on a beverage. But that could not be further from the truth nowadays... at least when it comes to artists like myself and those that I know personally.

Artists come in all shapes and sizes. Often we are almost-shy people. Reserved. Private yet quietly self-assured. Other artists are bold and colourful, expressive and flamboyant. But my point today, is that all successful artists will have one thing in common. They will be confident. They will be brave - either loudly or subtly. They will know themselves and respect the journey.

But the trouble is that that confidence is not something that is simply stumbled upon. It is something which grows over time. It is something that you have to nurture, It is something that gets knocked down and needs to get back up.

I have discovered a whole bunch of ways to boost my confidence over the years, and because I love you and want to give you a shortcut to the life of a happy and contented artist, here they are:

1. Learn! It sounds simple. I mean, it's just one word, right? But to really learn, is not just to read a book, listen to a podcast, to observe others... it is to be open to the fact that being an artist is a state of existence. Yes, we move along a pathway to success, but we need to be able to happily take that long pathway in order to reach the success. The second you accept, truly madly deeply, that learning is a lifelong pursuit, then you will be in the absolute best state for becoming the most fulfilled artist you can be. Feel free to check out my live online watercolour workshop HERE.



2. Look to those ahead of you. A beautiful man I know once said to me that when we need advice, we should look to those more experienced. At my young age, I laughed it off. But he was most definitely right. Looking to those more experienced, looking to the experts, looking to people who have been down the road that you are on... that is the way to knowing which pathways to avoid and where the potholes are. List out a couple of artists that you respect and study their work. Write down a few courses that you want to take or an art school near you that offers face to face workshops which intrigue you. Then, just jump. Do the class, sign up for the workshop. There really is no time to waste when you could be growing and enhancing your skills right now.



3. Connect with other creatives. Being a creative human can be lonely business when you haven't found your people! I have most definitely experienced this. Once you find your community... somewhere where you fit in... where art matters - sometimes more than anything else - that is where you will feel at home. That is where you can feel a sense of belonging and an improved sense of self too. Consider joining your local art society or taking a local art class (just to connect with like-minded people) or having a snoop around online for an artist community so you can support one another and build each other up.

Drop a comment below to share which of these 3 strategies you will try: 1, 2 or 3?



P.S. Join my live online watercolour workshop HERE.

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