5 Ways to Fast Track Your Artistic Success

5 Ways to Fast Track Your Artistic Success

How do you define success?

This question is so incredibly important to ask yourself when you set out on any pursuit. What is the end goal? What are you aiming for? The goal posts are allowed to shift but it is essential to know where you're headed.

I strongly believe that artistic success means finding your own path in the art world. And, please note here that I did not say finding your own style. The notion of finding your own style is painted as the holy grail and I really can't condone the championing of this everchanging target... but that is a topic for another day!

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Instead, artistic success involves both realisation and actualisation. It is the deep realisation that you are on your very own artistic path and the actualisation of this realisation. By coming into your own as an artist and proceeding with your art hobby (or career) in a way that aligns with your uniqueness, success will be yours.

In order for you to reach this realisation and actualisation, you will want to explore these five tips and strategies:

1. Do not fall victim to #AllTheExcuses. You don't need all the fancy supplies to make art or the big art studio or the big house with blank walls begging to be adorned by your creations. If you allow yourself to be limited by these false "reasons" not to make art, you will never experience the magic and the joy that comes from creating art with your very own hands. Abandon these beliefs for good by turning them around and creating affirmations that support your artistic endeavours: "Nothing gets in the way of me making art!" or "I am an artist and I need to create." Put simply - remove the barriers that are holding you back from diving into your own unique artistic path.

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2. Look to artists that you respect and admire. Have you heard of the book "Steal Like An Artist" by Austin Kleon? It's a best seller and artists across the world treat this book as gospel... and for good reason. Kleon states that “you don’t have to look like your heroes, you want to see like your heroes" and by this he makes it clear that he does not encourage copying or ripping off other artists but instead he suggests that you emulate the artist that you want to be (which is typically a mishmash of other artists that you respect).

3. Start with the art supplies that you already have... and yes that includes your children's art supplies! In fact, lower cost art supplies can render great results specifically in the area of creativity, play and experimentation. And without play, artists do not grow... in fact, some argue that without play, no human can grow. Without the burden of expensive art supplies, your artistic creativity will be less inhibited, more free and more liberated. So, grab your son or daughter's watercolour palette and some printer paper and get creating. You will feel the joy no matter the quality of the materials and your creativity will skyrocket.

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4. Learn all you can from artists that you respect. Read blogs, watch YouTube tutorials, listen to art podcasts and sign up for as many online art courses that you can get your hands on. The more that you do, the more you will learn and the more you will grow. And we're all after growth when it comes to reaching artistic success! This strategy also feeds into Kleon's model as the exposure to a wide range of artmaking approaches will allow you to paint a clearer picture of the artist that you want to be and the art that you want to create.

5. Surround yourself by cheerleaders. You know... the people who encourage you in your pursuits, no matter how untraditional or risky they may seem. I know from personal experience, that I could not have come this far in my own art career without the support of my squad. They listen to my wild ideas, they send me positive messages when I need them most... and I want exactly this for you too. So, tune in and notice who in your circle are your cheerleaders and lean in. They are the people that will help you to reach artistic success!

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