6 Ways To Get Through Lockdown Without Losing Your Mind

6 Ways To Get Through Lockdown Without Losing Your Mind

It's lockdown time here in Sydney Australia and I know a few other states are in lockdown too with many others under restrictions. This period of time is like no other in our lifetimes.
I was reflecting on this the other day. Our generation has had it so good. We've had a pretty smooth ride other than the global financial crisis so I guess it's only fair for us to have to face this tricky time. To live 80+ years without a major challenge would just not be realistic. So, here it is. Here is that challenge. A challenge won't break us though... right? We were born for this! We were made tough, we were made strong, we were made creative in more ways than just artistically creative.
So my question to you is what are you doing to "get through" this time or maybe even to turn these lemons into lemonade?
I've got a couple of ideas for you, assuming of course you're a creative sort as you're here teaching this blog post. And just to mix things up I'm not listing them as a numerical to do list. Here goes:
P. Prioritise time in the sun and with nature. Get that vitamin D somehow, that connection to our beautiful planet even if only for 10 minutes and with ankle biters about (did your kiddo go through that biting phase too?).

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C. Check in on your friends and family and connect. They need you just as much as you need them. When you catch up, keep things honest and real but maintain positivity. The worst things we can do now is a) ignore the reality of the situation and b) encourage negativity. Oh and don't be afraid to ask for help. You would do the same for your family and friends, so don't be nervous to ask for the same in return.
D. Do more of what you love even if it's after the kids are in bed and only for 10 minutes! Anything counts. If you're like me, you hold off things until the scenario is juuuuust right. You have all the perfect art supplies, the perfecto space, a perfect quiet household, you're in a great mindset, you're energised etc etc etc. Having all these factors in place all at once is a rare event, so don't wait for that fantasy moment.
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T. Think about your health. Now, this is not a time for a health kick but it's also not a time to fall into unhealthy habits. Speaking from experience, eating unhealthy and drinking too often can be a form of self hate and it's not helpful. Your body is the only one you have so try your best to make good decisions on its behalf. Go for a walk when you can, eat a healthier lunch than yesterday, drink 1 less glass of wine... Gently does it.
L. Lower some expectations. Think through your daily to do lists and prioritise. For me, for example, I've dialled back my art biz admin. By removing this pressure, I'm better able to be there for my girls through homeschooling and the stress levels at home are currently under control. Watch this space though, we're all only human!
T. Take a mini squiz at your finances. Hopefully you're a lucky one and you've kept your job through this. If that's you, think about how to support others who might not have been so lucky. Perhaps order some small products from various small businesses or support your local coffee shop. If on the other hand you have lost income (like me), make a few tweaks to your budget. Stopping take away coffees, making sure you eat leftovers a few nights a week, chasing up with your daycare if fees will be reduced etc will all help.
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In the end, we are all so incredibly lucky. Don't forget to reflect daily on what you DO have. What you are grateful for. What you are blessed to have. For me it's my family, friends, health and beautiful community... Which includes you ❤️
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With love and gratitude,
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