Why You Should Exhibit your Work in a Cafe

Why You Should Exhibit your Work in a Cafe















I have just finished installing 14 of my artworks in my local cafe and am buzzing with excitement! It took a fair amount of energy to get prepared and installed but is incredibly worth it. There are so many benefits to going down this route with your art.



Firstly, if you are successful in getting your art in a cafe which is local, you are leaning in to your own community. There is something simultaneously uncomfortable and magical about this. Something deeply authentic. Your neighbours are the ones that see you at your best and your worst. They are the ones who see you looking glam and "together" when you've had the time to do your make-up and your children are perfectly behaved. They too are sure to see you on your more chaotic days when you've rushed the kids off to daycare/school and have hardly found the time to even change out of your pyjamas before a rushed drop-off. There is no hiding when it comes to your local community and this level of authenticity is next level rewarding! It is like screaming from the rooftops "THIS IS ME! TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT, BABY!"



Secondly, you gain exposure. Each person that steps into the cafe sees your work. They may not make an immediate purchase. They may not even take a close look. They may not adore your style. But it is exposure none the less. Your aesthetic and your name will be more well-known as a result of your bravery and application. You are putting the message out there to the universe that you are an artist, this is what you do (well!), are passionate about and you wholeheartedly believe in the ability of your work to positively change the homes of others. The conviction it takes to approach a cafe and the drive it takes to deliver on the agreement strengthens that message.



Another key reason for hanging your art in a cafe is because it gives you motivation and accountability. So often, artists are stuck creating without a deadline, without a purpose. An exhibition of any kind is a great motivator and a means for ensuring artists get their act together and deliver the goods in a beautiful package at a specific time.

I'm feeling vibes for the number three today, so I will leave it at this today. 3 reasons to exhibit your work in a cafe! Comment below if you found this helpful or if you can think of ANOTHER reason to add to the list!


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