6 Secrets for Styling your Console Table

6 Secrets for Styling your Console Table

Updated: 6th October 2021

Hidden in your beautiful abode is a console table… I’m just sure of it! Either a table near your front door, a table in your corridor or a table in your living area where you keep your table linen and maybe your nicer wine glasses.

I’m guessing that your console table is currently covered in either a mish-mash of decorative items from your last attempt to style it or it’s adorned by the paraphernalia of life – i.e. mess, clutter, everything that doesn’t have a home.

I have to admit that my console table used to be bare. I was afraid to decorate it! I was afraid to have more dust-collectors in my house. But I’ve overcome that hurdle. I’ve found a way and I want to share it with you.

Here are my top 6 secrets:



1. Start with one or two beautiful things in your home that you LOVE.

Grab these items and pop them near your console table. You’ll want to try them out in different positions and with other items to see what works. These are definitely your starting point!



2. Add a painting or fine art print!

I know, I know. As an artist I am bound to be art-obsessed. But, really, an artwork makes such a difference to a display! Art offers you colour, texture and culture. It gives the display (and your home) depth and character. It shows everyone your personality! On my own console table, I’ve incorporated a print version of one of my original paintings entitled “Choosing Hope” – it was a complete joy to paint and I really love having the energy of this piece in my home. Instead of art, some people like to use a mirror, especially in an entryway or in a dark room – this is both a practical and beautiful option.



3. Keep colour in mind

It’s a good idea to keep a bit of a loose colour theme. If your artwork is primarily pink and green, have another pink or green element incorporated into your display. Having a colour feature in two parts of your styling efforts will make for a cohesive look and feel.


4. Always include some plant life – natural or faux!

An organic object really softens a display. Either foliage from your garden or beautiful blooms from your local small biz florist, you can't go wrong when you get nature involved.

5. Aim for variety

Variety in height – something tall, medium and low. Tall items ideas are lamps or a vase with long florals like cherry blossoms. I also like variety in the type of item – include something sculptural, something scented, something transparent, something round, something square and so forth. I don’t suggest using all varieties at the same time though!

6. Follow the odd numbers rule

If you use collections of items, always have them in groups of three or five. There is something about the human eye and mind that means it prefers odd numbers. It likes the mystery of not being able to divide the number of items by two. It’s a actual phenomenon - true story! Go figure!

Bonus Secret:

Books are always a goer! Grab some of your big coffee table books and get them to work for you. (If you don’t have any, you can score some great ones at second hand book stores.) Lay an odd number of books flat to give some variety to the height of your other decorative items. Pay attention to the colour of the spine and make sure it fits with the other colours going on.

Dust-proof rule:

Keep it minimal. I love Marie Kondo’s perspective and am totally on board with the whole “spark joy” concept. Starting with the things you personally love and keeping the number of decorative items on a console to a minimum, is the way to go! And if worse comes to worst, get your hubby to put on that maid’s outfit and get dusting quick-smart!



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