An Introduction to DIY Gallery Walls

An Introduction to DIY Gallery Walls

Gallery walls have been popular for a long while. They’re a beautiful opportunity to showcase your style, the things that make you smile, and your personality too. They are also a handy way of getting more of your art and display items up on the wall rather than hiding in storage. I believe that we all have creativity within us, so I’m going to go all out and say that gallery walls are also a great spot to display your own art and also your kids’ masterpieces.

Step 1: Collect your art.

Bring together all your artworks and consider two things: colour and form. If you have a colour theme running through the mix of artworks, the end result will be more cohesive. A mix of art forms is also an important consideration – try to mix up mediums and genres. Artworks associated with memories like holidays or a certain period of your life create an even more captivating display. A range of framing styles is a good thing as it adds to your display’s character. My originals and fine art prints can arrive to you already framed by the gorgeous team at Art Scene Framing. If you feel you need another work to add to your collection, check out my store, or paint your own!

Step 2: Lay out your art… on the floor, starting in the centre. You will need to decide if you like a linear style or a more eclectic off-kilter style. I know I prefer the latter! Allow for 3-6 inches between each artwork, allowing more space between larger artworks and less space between smaller artworks. For added confidence, you can trace your artworks on coloured paper and stick them on the wall with low-tack masking tape and test out a number of arrangements. This is great for visual people. A tip I’ve come across is to choose 1 extra-large artwork, 2 large artworks, 2 medium artworks and 3 small artworks. This mix works a treat for many!

Step 3: Get hammering! Be sure to mark out your nail locations and to use a level to ensure your paintings are all hung straight. If you feel a little out of your depth when it comes to the physical installation of your gorgeous gallery wall, don’t be too shy to hire a professional (he might even be handsome).



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