ros gervay australian abstract artist how regular art practice can change you

How Regular Art Practice Can Change You

If you were a creative soul from the get go, you may well have had a similar experience to me. You might have been pushed away from the arts due to the cost of your lifestyle or perhaps due to family pressures. You might have had to find another area of interest and base your career on that. I remember hearing at a young age that we all will have had 7 different careers by the time we retire and I found that so hard to believe, but now at the ripe old age of 37, not so much! Life can sometimes take the reigns and lead you where it chooses. But since I have demanded those reigns back, and allowed art practice back into my life, I have noticed some subtle and not so subtle changes in myself and I know that this is most definitely a common phenomenon for all who allow their calling to return to the forefront of their lives.
Ros Gervay Astralian abstract artist how regular art practice can change you


By getting back into regular art practice, the biggest change that you will notice is an increase in your self-confidence. Having an area of your life that is connected to your calling, your innate reason for existence (as woo-woo as that sounds), will give you a great sense of wholeness and you will feel so much more grounded. Returning to the arts is like returning home.
Ros Gervay Australian abstract artist how regular art practice can change you

Quieten the Inner Critic

You will also have to face the inner critic. There is no way to avoid this if you want to develop your skills. You will discover how to make "mistakes" and not beat yourself up about it. You will discover how to make "bad art" and genuinely see it as experimentation and an essential part of your journey. I always mention this book because it has been and still is so important in my journey as an artist, but you MUST read "The Artists Way" by Julia Cameron. She delves deeply into the spiritual side of art practice and explores the concept of the inner critic and how we can make it shoosh!
Ros gervay australian abstract artist how regular art practice can change you

Staying in Your Own Lane

Another hidden benefit is that you will be forced to stop comparing your art to others' art. You will learn to stay in your own lane and put your energy on your own journey and artmaking and development instead. Hooray for that!
There are so many other benefits of art practice - please share below in the comments what you have found to be helpful about having artmaking in your own life.
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