How To Leave a Podcast Review on Apple Podcasts

How To Leave a Podcast Review on Apple Podcasts

A beautiful way to support Laura Day and Ros Gervay's podcast "Paint Rest Repeat" is to rate and review it via Apple Podcasts. 

The best reviews will be shared in a future episode along with your Instagram handle to increase your exposure : ) #CommunityOverCompetition

This is how to leave a review from your computer:

  1. Visit the Paint Rest Repeat Apple Podcasts landing page: ‎Paint Rest Repeat on Apple Podcasts
  2. Click on “Listen on Apple Podcasts”
  3. Select allow if you get the pop-up: “Do you want to allow this page to open iTunes?”
  4. Click the subscribe button below the podcast logo
  5. Click Ratings and Reviews
  6. Under Customer Ratings, click the stars next to Click to Rate (5 stars for good karma)
  7. Under Customer Reviews, click the Write a Review button
  8. Write your friendly review and submit

This is how to leave a review on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Download and launch the Podcasts App
  2. Tap the Search tab (do this even if Paint Rest Repeat is already listed)
  3. Type in “Paint Rest Repeat”
  4. Tap the Search key at the bottom right (blue)
  5. Tap the Paint Rest Repeat cover image
  6. Tap on the Subscribe button near the top
  7. Tap the Reviews tab
  8. Tap on Write a Review
  9. Write your review and add your rating (5 stars for good karma) and tap Submit

Thank you for helping us to reach more creatives just like you!

Ros & Laura


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