How To Make Better Art

How To Make Better Art

Firstly: Hahahahahaha! Better art? What on earth is better art? Am I suggesting your art is not good. In summary: No. I'm not that kinda gal. Art is so massively subjective, that good art and bad art, well they are categories that are so personal, so individualised, they're not even worth the words I'm typing. If someone comments on your art and labels it as "bad" (or even "good"), take it with a grain of salt. That is that one person's opinion. It's wonderful they are so comfortable sharing their views with you, but unfortunately, their words are not of much value.

The question is: Do you like your art?

And underlying this question is: Did you enjoy making it? Did you express an emotion (or more) during the process?

Now that my rant is over, I want to share with you my latest art tutorial. I have started recording little snippet videos of painting techniques I use regularly, so that you can consider using them too.

The very firrrrrrst one is: How to Make a Stay Wet Palette For Acrylics!

Check it out on YouTube and be sure to subscribe and follow my brand spanking new channel:



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