Q&A with Ange from Ever So Homely

Q&A with Ange from Ever So Homely

This week we meet the inspirational and creative Ange from Ever So Homely. Through her business, she helps, inspires, and motivates mums to make their homes... ever so homely.

Why do you do what you do?

I am the biggest homebody ever and absolutely love faffing around the house, maintaining a nice home, cook delicious meals for my family, to get my DIY on, and ultimately living in an organised and simplified way. This is why I have created a community DIYers for like-minded women and homemakers to help give them confidence to tackle any project within their home, and to also simplify their lives with having less in their home. Life is busy as it is, let alone having to deal with all the extra things you have in the home. 


ros gervay creative australian abstract artist colourful joyful happy art botanical bright colours


Who is your dream client and why? Who do you want to help?

Busy Mums, DIYers, and homemakers - to help them create a home they love, and to live simply. 


ros gervay creative australian abstract artist colourful joyful happy art botanical bright colours


What do you think is the most important element in a beautiful home?

Personalisation and what speaks YOU - your style and your story. It is easy enough to copy what is on trend/what everyone is doing at the moment, but if it doesn’t make you happy and doesn’t speak you, you are not creating a happy home.



Do you have any economical interior design or styling suggestions?

Upcycling or DIY projects are great. A lick of paint is the cheapest and quickest way to give a room, furniture item or outdoor space a face lift. 


Any hot tips for styling console tables?

Style in different heights and clusters. A cluster or group of three works well. A nice big mirror even, a hero print or artwork, or even a couple of smaller frames with artwork or photos leaned against the wall; coupled with a plant and a candle or decorative item. Don’t over fill it either. Allow the space to breathe.  



What about gallery walls?

A favourite here - and such a great way to personalise a space and to fill an empty wall; and make a big impact in any space. Get creative and choose between prints, artwork, photos, quotes or even typography to create a story and treasure memories in your home. You can easily mix and match your frames, and use frames to suit your style. For example - for a Nordic/modern style home, use some simple thin frames. Vintage style - metallics and chunky gold type frames. Farmhouse - thicker wooden style frames. Eclectic style - simply mix and match. Boho - use rattans and white wash. It’s important to make sure that when choosing a frame you see the artwork/print first, then the frame - and not the other way around. 

To create a gallery wall:

  1. Create a mood board (if need be) to visualize
  2. First choose a statement print or artwork, then choose other complimenting prints, photos, artwork, typography
  3. OR go with a colour theme for your gallery wall
  4. Once you have all your items, lay out your gallery wall on the floor or dining table in different formations until you are happy
  5. OR simply tape the card inserts from the frames onto the wall with washi tape into a formation you are happy with
  6. TIP: Place your hero piece in the middle and just off centre
  7. Add your nails through the cardboard then pull the card away or use removable hooks such as the Command range (doing one hook at a time)
  8. Now it is time to ENJOY your masterpiece!


ros gervay creative australian abstract artist colourful joyful happy art botanical bright colours


What is your favourite styling item in your home?

Definitely plants!!! A plant brings any area to life. There’s nothing like bringing nature into the home!


If you are wanting to decorate, declutter, and organise your home to create simplified, personalised spaces that are awesomely functional, head here:

Ever So Homely Website

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