Q&A with Anna from bettybluebelle

Q&A with Anna from bettybluebelle

Meet Anna! Anna is the artist behind bettybluebelle. Her works are so divine and so full of warmth and love that I just had to invite her to contribute to our blog. A big welcome to you lovely Anna. Read on to learn more about this talented soul.


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Tell us a little about yourself

Hey! I’m Anna and I’m an artist and designer based in Brisbane. When painting I predominately work in watercolour although am beginning to explore more with gouache and acrylics as well. I studied art all through high school and then trained to become a primary school teacher. Although I do still work casually as a teacher, while I was on maternity leave for the second time I begun painting again and with the encouragement of family and friends decided to start selling my artwork. Since then I have grown my range to include original works, prints, a greeting card subscription, baby milestone cards, fabric design and earrings. I have also worked with other small businesses to design artwork for their products as well!


 Anna Silvester Betty Bluebelle Art

Anna's Greeting Card Subscription


Who is your dream customer?

My dream customers are floral and animal lovers but especially those who love Australian native plants, bird and animals. I am passionate about the conservation of the Australian bush and hope to raise awareness of our native plants and the effect they have on the ecosystem as a whole. So I guess my dream customer has similar values to me and also wants to visually enjoy the beauty of our native flowers, birds and animals every day in their own home. 


Anna's "Samford - Gum Blossom" Fine Art Print


Who are some of your favourite artists at the moment?

Sooo many! I’ll try to narrow it down a little!

One of my favourite Australian artists is Lauren Ward from laurenlillylonnie. I absolutely love her use of colour and flowers and have one of her original artworks in my home. 

I also love the work of Leah Gay. Leah works mostly in gouache and then creates texture in her artworks by stitching onto them with thread. The result is pretty spectacular – definitely one to check out! 


Anna's custom "Wattle Wreath Print"


What’s your advice for those keen on getting into art practice?

Just start! And keep practicing! Everything you create doesn’t have to be perfect and there is a lot of beauty in the process of learning. There are plenty of both free and paid tutorials available online these days to assist no matter what level you are at, as well as a plethora of artists to follow on Instagram and Facebook. Also don’t be afraid to ask questions from other artists – most people will be genuinely happy to help!  



Anna's individual greeting cards (so beautiful!!!)


Where can we find out more about you and what you do? 

My fav online hangout is Instagram. I’m also on FacebookAnd lastly my website is www.bettybluebelle.com.au 

I’m more than happy to have a chat or answer any questions you might have so please don’t be shy! 


Thanks so much lovely Anna for popping on here to say hi to my beautiful readers! Comment below if you enjoyed this post.



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