Q&A with artist Grace Choi

Q&A with artist Grace Choi


Introducing the lovely Grace Choi! I met Grace a few years back in a small business community. We connected over art and art education and a common passion for community over competition. Grace's artworks are just divine! Enjoy the read.

Tell us a little bit about you, your family and where you live in the world

Hello! My name is Grace Choi ( and our students at A little bite studio call me Mrs Grace) and live in Sydney. I like to call myself a Creative Artist - I make art, teach art and leave traces of art wherever I go! I am also a mother to a beautiful little boy Aiden and a wife to one loving husband.
How long have you been an artist? When and how did this all begin?
I have always been super creative since I was young. This lead me to go to art school where I majored in Painting and Printmaking in AUT, New Zealand.
What has been the highlight of your artist journey to date?
I have worked with international brands, live illustrated at weddings (which is so special) but above all, opening up my own art studio has been the biggest highlight.
What style of art do you create and how do you want people to feel or respond when they see it?
Sometimes minimal, sometimes super colourful. I love to bring a touch of love and joy to my work. I want people to feel the emotional depth through the lines + layers I create.
What is your advice to creative souls and emerging artists?
Since I was young I was always told that it is almost impossible to succeed through art. It's taken me a long time to where I am now because of the insecurities and pressure I always had. I'm glad that I have stuck to my gut feeling (always) with every bit of my creative journey. My advice? The magic happens when you allow yourself to embrace who you really are, and say what you believe! 
Where can we find you online?
website: www.alittlebitebygrace.com www.alittlebitestudio.com

instagram: @alittlebitebygrace @alittlebitestudio

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Grace Choi is a Sydney-based fashion illustrator and artist behind @alittlebitebygrace. With a background in Bachelor Visual Arts, her love of painting and fashion led her to illustrate live portraits and product customisations at events in fashion, retail, beauty, entertainment and weddings. 

Some of the high profile corporate events and private functions Grace has worked with include: Harper's BAZAAR, Carolina Herrera, Rimowa, Trilogy, Eliya the Label, Bendigo Bank, Specsavers, Sofitel Darling Harbour, Wollongong Central Shopping Centre, New Castle Fashion Week, Tribe, The Tea Salon, Vogue Fashion Night and many more.

Grace brings a touch of joy to everything she does, and gives her subjects a sense of playfulness, delicacy and quirkiness. She draws and paints freely, creating layers that give her work an emotional depth.
When she isn't painting live at an event, Grace is teaching at "A Little Bite Studio" and working on commissions from luxury brands and loved up couples in Sydney and across the world.

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