Q&A with artist Jade Fisher

Q&A with artist Jade Fisher

And we're back! After a little break from Q&A interviews, this week we're featuring the gorgeous and talented artist Jade Fisher. With a stunning and consistent style, Jade's works radiate delicate beauty. You will adore discovering more about her... so read on...

1. Can you share a little about yourself and describe your art for my readers?

I'm English but I've lived in Australia for 16 years. I live in a town called Gerringong on the South Coast of NSW. I have 3 sons. The eldest is 9 and my twin boys are 6. My art is predominantly colour driven and at the moment I paint abstract florals. I use lots of pastels and pops of brights. I worked as a fashion designer in London and Sydney up until about 4 years ago. Now I work as a professional artist out of a little studio in my garden.
2. How did you know that art was the path for you?
I always loved painting when I was young. As soon as I arrived at art college, I knew that this was what I wanted to do. I went on to do my degree in textile design because I loved making art with fabrics and fibres, which is probably what steered me towards a career in fashion design.
3. I adore that you have an art college education and have worked in the fashion industry. How do you think these elements of your history have contributed to your artmaking today?
I think working in fashion industry took me to amazing places around the world, Japan, India, France, Mexico, Cuba, Ibiza. I still draw inspiration from those memories. I also think that I gained a very ‘commercial’ eye working in fashion and so I try to paint art which will appeal to lots of people, the same way I used to design dresses which could be worn by lots of women.
4. For any new artists reading, do you have any tips for getting started or motivation to keep going?
When I first started I used to have a postcard stuck on my computer which read ‘Do more of what makes you happy.’ I think that’s the key really. Paint things that bring you joy and don’t be scared of things going wrong because that’s part of the journey. Don’t get frustrated. Some of the paintings I’m most proud of are the ones I’ve painted over about 6 times because the layers create beautiful textures so they become more interesting.
For a lot of us who have children, finding quiet, uninterrupted time to paint can be hard but if you can get a solid block of time to really immerse yourself into your art, just enjoy it and don't put pressure on yourself to finish something in a day.
Another thing I have to remind myself to do is to not compare myself to other artists. I am a fairly slow painter so I sometimes feel a bit like everyone else can paint faster and produce more pieces than me. We all going at our own pace and that's OK.
5. We love to chat about "finding your style" over here. What are your thoughts on this topic? Does one's style exist?
I think we continually evolve as artists every day and our style changes as we become influenced by different things.  For the first 2 years I don’t really think I had a particular style as I was still experimenting myself to see how I preferred working. ‘Finding your style’ is a continuous work in progress for me.
6. Can you name a few other artists that you admire? 
Some of the artists I admire at the moment are: Janey Forbes, Prudence Demarchi, Britney Ferns, Emma Cleine, Lola Donoghue and Spencer Shakespeare.

7. Where can my readers find out more about you?

Instagram @jade.fisher.artist
Website www.jadefisher.com.au
Thanks so much Jade for your time in answering my questions. If you loved this interview, please leave a comment below so Jade can feel the arty love!
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Jade sounds amazing and so inspiring. Managing to produce such awesome artwork at home with 3 young children must be so hard. But she is definitely achieving it.

Fiona Lewis

I loved learning more about what inspires you to create your beautiful pieces! Thanks Jade and Ros x


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