Q&A with artist Jane Thompson

Q&A with artist Jane Thompson

This week, I introduce you to artist Jane Thompson. I have long admired her work on Instagram and we have connected through social media over the last year or so. What stands out about Jane's work, from an onlooker's perspective, is the pure expression, the energy and the connectedness. Her use of colour and composition in all of her works is nothing short of perfection.
If you are like most of my readers, you know that I'm a touch woowoo. So, when Jane talks about the freedom in her works, the risks that she takes and how she works from the subconscious (you'll have to read below), I can't help but see the magic in her art-making process. 
Here is a touch more about the artist, Jane Thompson:

A little bit about me

Born and raised in country NSW, the bush and nature have been my greatest loves and influences when it comes to painting. I always thought I would live in the bush, but that hasn’t panned out so I am currently making my peace with city life in Brisbane.

I haven’t always painted but I think I always wanted to be creative, and now after many painting hiatuses, it feels I have finally found what I was always meant to be doing. All the adventures I have had along the way have definitely influenced the way I paint, as well as given me the courage to keep going on the tough days.

In a previous life I have been a nutritionist, freelance writer, kitchen-hand, small business owner (of a beef jerky business) and more recently a primary school teacher. I enjoyed exploring all these different avenues, but none of them were my true passion. And then I rediscovered painting. I think when we do find our passion and pursue our true life purpose, we feel inspired to get up, get out there and give it our best shot every day. 

Where have I travelled and how have those experiences influenced my art?

I’ve travelled in the UK and Asia, but the most influential travel for me has been in outback Australia. Broken Hill is where I was first inspired to paint again, for the first time since school. I think by then I was about 24 years old. It is such a remote, historical part of Australia. And it’s also home to more than twenty art galleries, which is just incredible for a population of only 17,000 people. Underneath the hustle of a busy mining town, I was inspired by the peace and stillness I found in Broken Hill - the crisp light, the isolation and the characters that came to the place for a visit and never left. 

The other big inspiration for me has been the Kimberley and Northern Australia. The remoteness and the ruggedness of this ancient land really stirred something in me. I loved how alive the Australian spirit was up there and that it was one of the few places that couldn’t be controlled by the flick of a switch. The Wet comes and so does the Dry and you just have to deal with and make the best of whatever nature throws at you.

While I don’t just specifically paint the outback anymore, I think it is reflected in the untamed energy you see in of a lot of my paintings. A freedom of spirit and a willingness to just go with the moment.

What are the most important elements in my artworks?

I think the most important elements in my art are the freedom and energy of the gestural marks, the boldness of colour and the sensation that I have been willing to take risks in the process. My works are full of movement and I think that’s because I get carried away by the music I am listening to. I make quick decisions based on what my sub-conscious in the moment has to say. My process is often very active and a “let’s see what this weird mark or colour will do”, it already looks terrible so what could possibly go wrong!

What are my words of advice for new artists?

Keep going. There is only one you and that is your masterstroke and your superpower. Gather up all that stuff that only you have experienced and only you have felt and put that down on canvas. That is where your best, original work lies.

Align yourself with positive supporters, acknowledge them, lift them up and they will do the same for you.

Accept where you are in the present moment and keep chipping away. Try new things, enrol in new courses, reach out to people for help or advice. 

Choose to show up every day no matter how you feel or how little time you have. Once you start, no matter how big or small, even if it’s just an undercoat, you have still made progress. The magic often happens when you least expect it.

Which emerging artists am I inspired by right now?

Soooooo many!! Sophie Witter, Laura Thomas (Create by Laura), Claire Kirkup, Tulika Das and Anna Price.

Where can you buy my art?

At the moment, you are probably best to contact me direct via Instagram @Jane_Thompson_Art. I have some works here in my studio for private sale, some works in Brisbane and regional NSW galleries and some available through online galleries. I am also working on a website which is a bit exciting, and a couple more super-duper exciting projects – Stay tuned and watch this space! 😊

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Jane you’ve inspired people with your art in such a short time
Congratulations on your success

Kim Dowling

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