Q&A with Racquel from Woven Oak

Q&A with Racquel from Woven Oak

Having always been passionate about interior design and décor, Racquel is the director of Woven Oak - a stunning Australian homewares business. Through her business, she curates beautiful earthy homewares that feature textured neutrals and one-of-a-kind statement pieces. Highly-respected in her field, Racquel thoughtfully selects her items to suit Woven Oak's base signature palette, with injections of muted colour.



Statement Bouquet - Earth One


Why do you do what you do?

I have always had a passion for interior décor and design. The launch of ‘Woven Oak’ earlier this year was a dream for a very long time, and I am so thankful that I am now able to do what I love, while still maintaining a healthy balance at home.


Woven Oak Racquel Pink keep cup ceramic earthy homewares neutral muted australian

Short Ceramic Keep Cup in "Strawberry Milk"


Your sense of style is stunning. What is your background?

Thank you so much! I actually have no formal background training, only a very real Pinterest addiction! Running our construction company and completing our own personal renovations has also taught me a lot, and I am always inspired by other designers, there are so many talented creatives out there!


"Flamingo Fields" by Ros Gervay


Do you believe that a beautiful home makes a difference to everyday life?

I believe the term ‘beautiful’ is subjective, and that each person has their own definition of what makes their home beautiful. Not everyone has the means to live in their dream home (I know I certainly don’t), so home décor can definitely make a visual impact in terms of ‘beauty’, statement pieces in particular.

Artwork for instance, is a fun and easy way to add aesthetic attention to any space, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth! Play around with colour, sizes, even textures. Artwork is so personalised, so choose a piece you absolutely love, and you are guaranteed to smile as you walk past it each day. 


Wooden Indian Parat Plate


What are your more cherished decorative items in your home?

Myself and my husband have always loved items with a history. When designing our kitchen, we incorporated old timber bridge girders recently removed from the Coffs Harbour Jetty (as an exposed beam element), and these would definitely have to be my favourite additions to our home. 

In terms of decor, I tend to gravitate towards the same, items with history, repurposed from their former use. Carved consoles, old parat plates, and vintage terracotta pots, are all favourites that I have used thoroughly in decorating our space. 


Vintage Wash Towel Collection


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