The Best Advice for Discouraged Artists

The Best Advice for Discouraged Artists

You know how the artist community is supportive? Well, that's an understatement. The community of artists that I feel truly blessed to be a part of is jam-packed with beautiful, kind, encouraging souls. If you are currently feeling discouraged in your artistic ambitions, this blog post is for you. And if you're not feeling discouraged currently, save these for a rainy day!


"I like to have a 'just one line a day' mentality. What I mean by this is that creating is easy when everything is going well. When it isn’t it can be very difficult to be productive. To help me with this I have a policy of 'just one line a day'. If that’s all I do - fine. Often I find the act of doing that really acts as a launch pad to do more. What I’ve learnt is that it’s still making progress and moving forward towards my goals. No matter where my headspace is at."


"I have multiple chronic illnesses. I love being creative. I’m a children’s author and illustrator and enjoy painting landscapes. My motto is 'slow is still forward.’ Even if I write one line of a story, or work for 10-15 minutes on a painting in a day, I’m moving forward."


"Don't listen to negative thoughts and just keep creating, keep producing as much work as possible. Paint things that really interest you and that you can get excited about. And make a promise to yourself that you won't give up until you've made stuff that you're happy with."


"Sometimes you need to make a bunch of eh-stuff to get to the good stuff. There is a lesson in every piece we make. Take the lesson and move on to the next! Also...make sure to make things in between that bring you joy! It keeps the well full!"

Leslie Ann Beauregard (@leslie_beauregard_art) • Instagram photos and videos



"In the words of Julia Cameron I always keep in mind ‘do you know how old I will be if I do that course/make that thing? Yep, same age as if you don’t.’ "

Just SO Ceramics (@sallyovenden__ceramics) • Instagram photos and videos


"My tip is try and avoid compare and despair. I love to celebrate other artists, and support them where I can. But if my confidence is low I come off social media for a while as seeing how much 'better' everyone else us (in my perception at that time) makes me feel like I will never be good enough. A few days of social media silence seems to push those negative thoughts away and I am ready to both create, and be inspired again."


"I have used art to help me work through complex PTSD for the past 10 years and I am so much more resilient now as I know I can draw, paint, collage, stitch, sculpt or write anything that is troubling me down and more importantly, not care about what anyone else thinks about it. Julia Cameron's 'Artists Way' and 'Vein of Gold' were big influences, as was EFT tapping and learning mindfulness."

Glastonbury Artist Ann Diment (@anniesartthings) • Instagram photos and videos


"Create regularly. Every day or every week, but make it a habit. This will help when it doesn't go so well, as you'll get to know that from doing it regularly that some times it goes well and some times it doesn't. But you won't be phased by it so much. Having an 'art practice' - as they say in the art world - is exactly what it says: practice. That's as much to do with the regularity of it as it is the 'getting better' at something. Resilience for me is all about knowing I'm an artist - whatever anyone else thinks defines that. And creating and painting every week helps with that."

Joanne Oatts (@jroattsart) • Instagram photos and videos


"Don't let anyone tell you it's not a proper job."

Susan Bentley (@soozeb) • Instagram photos and videos



"Don’t think that you have got to be perfect. Just do it!"


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Such a lovely post Ros, led here by your post in UAS, led to follow other great artists and generally cheered up my Monday morning beautifully. Great encouragement from our artist colleagues too. Thank you all 😊

Toni Hunt @timelesschildarts

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