Why I Bother to be an Artist

Why I Bother to be an Artist

Since putting my art out there in the public arena, I have had a few brief periods of wondering what on earth I'm doing broadcasting my art. Not questioning my actual art practice. Art-making is a part of my life that was essential from a young age, went missing for a while as I found my way in life, and is now here to stay. What I have found myself wondering about specifically is why I have gone public. Why have I signed up for all the work that happens behind the scenes of life as an artist? And you know what? Each and every time I came to this fork in the road... I have come around and I have laughed in the face of... myself. I know I am the happiest I have ever been. I am also the busiest I have ever been. I am the most scattered I have ever been. I am wearing the most "hats" than I have ever worn as I am also a mum and have a day job too. But I am definitely the happiest I have ever been. The level of creativity that both art practice and entrepreneurship demand of me doesn't feel like a demand at all. I love it! I thrive off of it! Check out the podcast episode from Art Juice called Fantasy Artist Life versus Reality which delved into the day to day reality of an artist's life. Feel free to have a listen.
"Choosing Hope" by Ros Gervay (produced in a state of pure happiness)
Thankfully, what I have never had to ask myself is why I make my artworks visible to others. I have been blessed to have so far had the experience of having my works accepted by the public. I have not heard or seen a single negative comment on any works that I have shared, and I feel so amazed and blessed by this fact. But, don't get me wrong... I decided to commit to my public art career knowing that my art will not be for everyone. I produce my art for myself and for whoever may be interested. I figure that if someone doesn't like my works, they are more than welcome to wander over to another artist's instagram account, facebook account, website, exhibition... I truly don't mind. Not one single bit.
Ros Gervay Creative art comes from a spiritual being
I read an amazing book a few years back called The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. One main perspective shared in this book is the notion that art does not come from the artist herself. Art originates from elsewhere and the artist is simply the vehicle. There is something so magical and empowering about this concept and I have embraced it wholeheartedly. Check out the book if this intrigues you.
So my message to you today is to know your values and stay true to them. Know yourself, your natural talents and interests, and embrace them, utilise them, allow them to be a big part of your life. No "job" will have you doing exclusively the things you smile from ear to ear for but when your values and your activities align, that smile will be brighter than it ever has been. And if you go into an adventure not worrying what others things, cheers to you!
With love,
P.S. View my latest artwork - entitled "Choosing Hope" - a piece that celebrates life as I see it.
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Thank you so much for sharing your honesty and authenticity about who you are and the journey you are on. I am excited to be following alongside you as you traverse this crazy art world!

Amy Hamlyn

Your art is beautiful and it evokes happiness. Thank you for sharing x


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